Kundalini Yoga with Kerry

Experience a Private Kundalini Yoga Session to deepen your self awareness.

As your compassionate guide, I will help you discover your unique purpose, define your values, let go of limiting self beliefs and attract your souls desires.

Through clarity of life purpose and direction, you will move from scarcity and overwhelm to gratitude and growth.


1 hour sessions
$ 0.00

Aloha, The first time we meet, please schedule 90 minutes. We will start by discussing what your goals are and how we can work together to create them as a reality for you. Each week you will experience a Kundalini set, that may include physical practice, meditation, mantra chanting and breathwork. Each session will be tailored towards what you would like to achieve. Each session will build upon themselves. 

Our first session will be 90 minutes, our ongoing weekly sessions will be approximately 1 hour. Please be prepared with a yoga mat, journal, pen and meditation cushion or pillow to sit on. 

If you do, keep it light 🙂 

  • If you just want to meet with me and see if you like Kundalini Yoga and my style of teaching. The one time class is a great start. 
  • If you have experienced my way of teaching and feel called to deepen your education of the practice, the 6 pack is suggested. 
  • If you are a dedicated practitioner who wants to stay on track with your practice and increase your knowledge of the teachings , the 10 pack is best for you.  Most of my clients go with the 10 class pack and we meet weekly. This gives us a great deal of time to put the benefits of the practice into day to day use. If you want to really evolve and uplevel your self awareness and have space and time to integrate the teachings, then the 10 pack is best for you. 

No worries at all 🙂 If you know you are traveling and can’t make our weekly designated time, just let me know and we will skip those weeks. You don’t lose any classes on your package. If you are sick or something unexpected comes up, please do your best to give me 24 hours notice. 

ABSOLUTELY! Usually with my Hawaii Time Zone, the coordination works really well. 

Frequently asked Questions:

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. It encompasses movement, breathing exercises and sound. It works directly on your electromagnetic field and helps practitioners build a strong immune system and balances the chakra system. 

The Benefits of Kundalini Yoga include increased flexibility, develops intuition, balances the emotional body, helps you be less reactive to life situations, builds a healthy immune system, balances the brain, relieves stress and anxiety.

Hatha Yoga is a meditative practice where you experience yoga poses and breathwork. Hatha yoga is a practice that strengthens the physical body, awakens the spirit and calms the nervous system. It also increases flexibility, endurance and your personal spiritual power within.

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. Kundalini yoga also has physical poses and breathwork exercises but in Kundalini yoga we add Mantra which is the power of sound current. In kundalini we use the power of all three, poses, pranayama (which is breath-work) and mantra to activate the Kundalini energy which is a dormant energy that lies at the base of the spine. We activate the kundalini by doing certain movements or cycles of breath in a strategic way that puts pressure on the kundalini energy and forces it to rise from the base of the spine through your seven chakra centers to the crown of your head creating a fully balanced body. Kundalini raises one’s awareness of self and their creative potential within.

 I believe this is an evolutionary question, from my experiences each type of yoga practice will serve the individual depending on what portion of their lives they are going through at that time. For Example; a hard physical power vinyasa class used to fulfill everything I was looking for in my yoga practice, I used to get on the mat for 2.5 hours a day and penetrate every cell of my being with a hot sweaty fast practice. That served me for many years.

There came a point where the practice of the physical yoga wasn’t serving me as much anymore so I started to seek practices of breathwork because I didn’t need much of the physical anymore.

As I started to explore breathwork practices, I found kundalini yoga which expanded my already existing physical practice into a more pranic practice which activated my energy body also known as the chakra system and elevated my intuition.

Most of my practice currently is a mix of physical, breath based and mantra chanting. 

My suggestion is start your yoga practice anywhere and see what type of practice resonates with you, you may stay with that one practice your entire life or it may evolve over time. Trust your gut and go for it everyday. Most important part is to stay consistent. 

When you have a clear mind, you tend to act from a happier place. Each individual has three minds: The Negative Mind, The Positive Mind and The Neutral Mind. The Neutral mind also known as the “Balanced Mind” is generated by the action steps within thoughts to create a balanced state within the positive mind and the negative mind. Meaning if you have too many thoughts generating a negative vibration, the formula is to add more positive vibration to acheive the neutral mind. When we have a Neutral Mindset we tend to act versus react. The presence of the neutral mind gives us the space to act on situations with grace, ease and trust in oneself. 

A mantra is a repetitive sound current that elevates consciousness to the vibration of the words meaning, leaving oneself to experience that vibration within their mind, body and spirit. 

The practice of yoga is the practice of becoming your best self. There are many ways to become your highest potential. You can do physical practices, you can use positive affirmations, mantras and meditations, you can journal, eat healthy, take care of yourself through various types of nature activities, friendships and self inquiry explorations.

My invitation is to find a practice that inspires you and set your commitment and dedication on it. Become committed to yourself, show up for yourself each day and set your intention of who you want to be in this world. 

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200hr Kundalini Yoga Certified, 500HR ERYT Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher, Certified Freediver Level 1, Reiki 2, Landmark Graduate, Support Trainer for Kundalini University, thousands of hours of experience in the world of yoga and wellness, International Yoga Retreat Leader.