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women doing Kundalini Yoga wearing orange sunstone mala while meditating

Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Sacred Jewelry Artist

For the longest time, I dreamed about my life in Hawaii, a kind-hearted husband, successful soul fulfilling career and gal pals that supported my unique, intuitive gifts and encouraged me to keep shining bright. 

I journaled daily, I wrote out my goals, I worked with mentors and teachers, I prayed to source to align me with that future self, I showed up on my yoga mat every day, did my Kundalini Yoga practice, meditated and did the work. 

Now I live that dream reality and I want you to know it is possible for you too!

I use the tools of custom mala jewelry, gemstones, crystals, meditation, mantra music and Kundalini Yoga to help me stay on track with my goals and destiny. 

If we have never met before, ALOHA and welcome to my site, a place for healing, perspective and tools on how to obtain a high vibe reality. 

I’m so HAPPY you are here! 

XO, Kerry (Gian Sandevi, Custom Mala Jewelry Artist + Kundalini Yoga Teacher) 

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My mission as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher

is to empower

individuals to align with their purpose and values so they can live a fully self expressed life. As a yoga teacher and personal development mentor, I use the spirit led holistic modalities of self awareness, meditation, yoga and gratitude as tools to help you align with your radiance so you can achieve your goals, hopes and desires.

my values

Balance, Gratitude, Joy

The things I value the most are integrity, clear communication, speaking straight, true love, connection, honesty with yourself and others and giving up things that don’t serve you so you can live in peace and harmony.

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Things that light me up!

Flourishing friendships, a really good coffee, family, health, kundalini yoga, everything nature & thriving community!

I fill my days with possibilities of connection with my  the things that really matter to me in my life, my souls purpose, progression towards my goals + manifestation rituals. The Hawaiian Islands are my happy place. 

What gemstones align with you?

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How will Custom Mala Jewelry align me with my highest self?

As a Custom Mala Jewelry Artist my intention is to connect individuals with their purpose and guide them to manifest their desires using ethically sourced semi-precious gemstones and all-natural, high quality crystals that carry positive vibrations.

Everything in this world is made up of energy and molded into physical form through vibration and sound. Gemstones carry certain frequencies within them that impact your energetic field. Crystals have been used for centuries to heal and take dis-ease out of the mind, body and spirit.