Holiday Gift Idea - Gift a Custom Mala Necklace

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Custom Mala Jewelry
made with intention

Have you thought custom mala jewelry could bring you more focus in meditation and increase your mindfulness?

Aligned with your intentions

Handcrafted in Hawaii

Each mala is strung with love and intention. I use all-natural high-quality semi-precious gemstones that have been blessed in the hawaiian full moon light. The moon magic allows the crystals to charge, enhancing their healing powers and spiritual connection. I chant positive mantras into each gemstone, infusing your custom mala jewelry with healing frequencies. 

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Custom Mala Jewelry Reviews

5 - Star Ratings

Why you need Gemstones and Crystals in your Life!

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Chakra Malas

Discover what chakra mala is best for you? 

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One-of-a-kind Custom Malas

Work with the designer 1 on 1 to curate your perfect piece. 

The Mission

 is to connect people with their purpose and help them manifest their desires. I ethically source semi precious, all natural, high quality stones that carry positive vibrational frequencies and help individuals heal and discover their potential. As a yoga teacher and sacred jewelry artist, I truly believe that when we connect from the heart, we can change the world. 

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